The Nez Perce are a Native American tribe.

I am an American of Indian and European descent.


The name Nez Perce originates with French-Canadian fur traders. Their actual name is Niimíipu.

Nez Perce + Cherokee + Scottish + Eastern German + Bavarian + Irish + English = Me


They are considered part of the Plateau culture in the Pacific Northwest.

I was born in Spokane, WA. I am Nez Perce through my dad, Cherokee through my mom.


Their reservations are in Idaho and Washington state.

I do not have tribal status.


The most famous is Chief Joseph (1840-1904).

My Granddad (1915-2004) was ¼.

Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph as an old man, years after the failed flight to Canada.

Nez Perce Baby

This photo of a baby in a Nez Perce cradle is one of the most known images associated with the tribe and Native Americans.

My Granddad

My Granddad was a veteran of WWII and the Korean War. He was also a rifle instructor during the Vietnam War.

Horace Axtell Speaks Nez Perce

Horace Axtell, a Nez Perce elder, talks in Nez Perce, and then in English, about how thankful he is for his education about his ancestors and their ways, and for the modern education that helped him succeed in this world.

Read the Nez Perce origin story, Coyote Creates Human Beings.

"Purchase" some commemorative trading cards about Chief Joseph Band's attempt at avoiding the reservations by fleeing to Canada.

Chief Joseph's famous surrender speech, given 40 miles south of the Canadian border at Bear Paw, MT.

Individuals of full and mixed descent in a post-Bear Paw world.

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